Fermentis works with everyone in the world of beer, wine, spirits and other fermented beverages. Our range of products and services covers almost all professional requirements: from safeguarding production to expressing sensory characteristics. Based in the North of France, Fermentis is a Business Unit of the Lesaffre Group: global key player in yeasts and fermentation solutions.

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The Fermentis Campus

Based in Marquette-Lez-Lille (North of France), the Fermentis Campus has been built on a historical Lesaffre maltery site, the grain alcohol distillery founded in 1853 by Louis Lesaffre and Louis Bonduelle. This Fermentis Campus is a living, welcoming and sharing building for employees, customers and partners. Thanks to an open and innovative architecture, it allows everyone to feel invited to exchange thanks to dedicated and inspiring spaces.

The Fermentis Academy, the Fermentis universe and brand dedicated to Applied Research and Training, is hosted at the heart of the Fermentis Campus. It gathers:

  • Technical Hall, focused on fermentation and production of fermented drinks, with a full scale brewery with over 50 fermentors.
  • Laboratories (sensory analysis center, physico-chemical, microbiome)
  • A reception area with a bar for celebration of our achievements
  • Fermentis offices
  • Finally, a very large multipurpose room allowing the training of up to a hundred clients at each session.