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First Key is the leading brewing industry consulting firm working around the world in over 50 countries for over 30 years. First Key has some of the most talented, interesting, and experienced experts who provide clients with independent and comprehensive advice, and work with them to implement solutions in every area of their business. Service areas include – Strategy & Finance, Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain and Sustainability, Marketing & Sales and People & Organizational Performance.


Foam Stability for Craft Brewers

The stability of beer foam is a critical characteristic that reflects beer quality and is one of the few consumer perceptible metrics for beer. As such, it is a very important characteristic to measure and maintain for craft brewers.

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Compensating Your Sales Team: A Performance-Focused Approach

Designing creative sales programs that elevate your company’s execution in the trade will create more value. Done successfully, a program will create clear solutions and bring excitement, energy and accountability to your sales team – and subsequently more sales!

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Assembling Your Craft Brewery Build Team

The build team’s purpose is to manage and provide oversight on the many steps it takes to bring a craft brewery or brew pub from initial concept to brewing its first batch.

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