HAAS® is the world leader in innovative hop products. We are farmers, hop breeders, scientists, researchers, brewers, and beer lovers all working together to change the way the world thinks about hops. Whether it’s ensuring your supply chain, improving brewing efficiency, creating renowned flavor and aroma products or simply helping you discover exciting hop flavors from around the world—HAAS is dedicated to helping you create your next great beverage.


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Concentrated lupulin pellets with consistent alpha for optimized hop flavor that’s true-to-type.

A highly-concentrated, water-soluble flavor and aroma liquid product, made with 100% natural hops and botanicals.

Concentrated hop flavor and aroma to maximize brewing efficiency and minimize process loss.

A revolutionary way to dry hop that’s flowable and fully dispersible in cold-side applications.

All-natural hop flavor for beverages, beer and beyond.

A 100% hop-derived product, it lets you  achieve the exact level of haze you want  and remains stable for life of your beer.