Lucía Carrillo

Mexico City, Mexico

How did you get into the beer industry? Why does beer matter to you?

I came to the brewing industry by accident. My path was much more focused on enology, but throughout my path through university I always found beer — I feel that beer chose me. I achieved a lot in a short time and I decided to embrace beer, understand it. Now I am passionate about everything about beer. Beer is an ancient drink that still has a lot of potential to teach us. It is such a generous drink that you can add almost any ingredient to it and the result will always come back to you with something surprisingly delicious, unique, and refreshing. Let's not forget the wonderful scientific world that we have behind this beautiful drink.

Why do you judge at the World Beer Cup? What does judging at the World Beer Cup mean to you?

For me, judging in this competition means being able to share my experiences and skills with all the judges, and in the same way, I hope to learn from the other judges to enrich the world's brewing industry. It’s a great achievement, being able to sit with the great judges. It motivates me to continue growing and being able to share all these experiences with the other Mexican judges who want to follow our path.