Wolfgang Lindell

Sor-Trondelag, Norway

How did you get into the beer industry? Why does beer matter to you?

Having German roots, it's fair to say that we always celebrated the culture of beer! My main hangout in college was at a brewpub in the nineties and it really inspired me to see the brewer at work with the craft. I also became interested in how technology can obscure reality, to which I sought out disciplines that kept me grounded to the world around us. I interned at a Maltster, graduated in the natural sciences, and eventually continued to work in the industry and attended brew school, becoming a master brewer in 2006. Beer and brewing matter to me in that they're both an art and a science, a direct connection to the natural world, to agricultural raw materials, to culture and history, and to people. We all need daily sustenance with food and drink so it's great to be a part of the communal human journey.

Why do you judge at the World Beer Cup? What does judging at the World Beer Cup mean to you?

After working 20 years in the industry, it's great to be able to give something back. The community of beer is alive and strong, and we need to take care of our own and recognize and foster excellence. It's also great to be with other inspired colleagues, which allows good discussion and illumination into the current state of affairs of our industry.