Abram Goldman-Armstrong

Sandefjord, Norway

How did you get into the beer industry? Why does beer matter to you?

I was a big fan of Oregon microbrews growing up in the 1990s and began homebrewing at age 17 when I moved to Minnesota for college and missed the beers from home. While studying at University College Cork in Ireland during my junior year abroad in 1997-98, my local Rumplestiltskins had a great selection of German and Belgian beers. I broadened my knowledge of European beer styles while traveling in Scotland, England, Belgium and the Netherlands with my trusty copy of Michael Jackson's Pocket Guide to beer. When I returned to Portland after college I joined the Oregon Brew Crew and passed the BJCP exam at the national level. From there I went on to work as a beer writer, festival organizer, bottle shop beer buyer and brewer. I operated my own cidery in Portland from 2013-2019 and moved to Norway in 2020 to launch a cider brand for Fjordfolk Mikrobryggeri where I also became the assistant brewer and took over as head brewer in January 2022. Enjoying the diversity of beer flavours has always been an important part of travel for me, and I enjoy trying beers from around the world.

Why do you judge at the World Beer Cup? What does judging at the World Beer Cup mean to you?

Judging at the World Beer Cup is an important way to connect with other brewers, judges, and writers from around the globe. I always learn something from judging, and it makes me a better brewer, as I taste and assess beers with other highly knowledgeable beer people.

What else would you like the world to know?

My favorite category to judge is Historical Beer. I enjoy learning about beer traditions from entrants notes and tasting different interpretations of historical beers from diverse brewing traditions.