Flavio Boero

Genoa, Italy

How did you get into the beer industry? Why does beer matter to you?

When I was young I was fascinated by the fermentation of wine by following my father in his small production. In 1973 I had the opportunity to work for an Italian brewery named Poretti Industries. I started in the lab, and part of my job was collaborating with the lab manager in researching off-flavor in beer. At that time we were the only brewery in Italy that used gas chromatography to do basic research on the brewery sector. I also worked for this brewery when it was acquired by Carlsberg, but my passion for beer increased when I became interested in craft beer production in Italy.

Why do you judge at the World Beer Cup? What does judging at the World Beer Cup mean to you?

I think the renaissance of beer started in the U.S. Right now, the World Beer Cup best represents the evolution of beer, and leads the beer movement around the world.