Detailed registration information for the 2018 competition coming soon.

2016 World Beer Cup Registration

Step 1: Review Rules

Breweries should review the official World Beer Cup style list and competition rules. (A competition rule book was sent out to all breweries in the Brewers Association database.)

2016 Competition Rule Book

*Please note: There is a typo on the printed version of this book that was mailed out, on page 6 (under “Beer Eligibility”) regarding when beers must be commercially available. The correct date is March 7, 2016, not 2015

Step 2: Register your Brewery

November 3 – November 17, 2015*

As of November 17, the application period has closed, and we are no longer able to accept appliations for the World Beer Cup. Please sign up for the waitlist using the link above. If we are able to add more breweries into the competition, we will take breweries from the waitlist, starting in December/January.

Translated Beer Registration Guide Forms

Only to be used as a guide. All registration must be completed through the online registration system

Step 3: Register your Beers

December 1 – December 16, 2015

Update (Nov. 17): Based on the number of breweries that have entered the competition, all participating breweries will be allowed to enter a maximum of 4 beer entries into the competition.

Registered brewers will receive an email with instructions on how to register their beers.

Breweries will enter their beers online and select appropriate categories in which their beers will compete.

IMPORTANT – Plan ahead: Each brand may only be entered once. No single beer may be entered in multiple categories. Brewing companies entering beers should carefully review the category and subcategory designations before registering a beer. It is imperative that beers are entered into the proper category and subcategory since judges evaluate beers on the basis of these category descriptions.

*In 2014,  1403 breweries entered 4,754 beers in the competition. A maximum of 5,700 beers can be judged at the 2016 competition. This is 20% more beers than in 2014. The maximum number of beer entries per brewery will be determined by dividing 5,700 by the number of breweries that enter. In the unlikely event that 1,500 breweries enter the competition prior to the deadline, the brewery registration window will close prior to November 17. Again, this is very unlikely.

A complete set of detailed guidelines is also available by mail, fax, or email upon request.



Step 4: After the Brewery Registration and Beer Registration Process

January 15, 2016 – Participating breweries will be sent a confirmation detailing their entries on.

January 15 – 29, 2016  – Breweries will review and confirm that all beer and brewery information is accurate.

January 29 – Last chance to make any changes to a brewery’s competition entry.

If inventory remains for a specific category, a brewery may change a beer at this time.

After the confirmation process, competition labels will emailed to breweries to attach to judging samples and shipping information will be provided.

Judging samples must arrive Denver, Colorado in the United States between March 7 – 11, 2016.