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International Brewery Shipping Information

Breweries participating in the 2016 World Beer Cup® (WBC) must have their beers arrive Denver, Colorado in the United States between March 7 – 11, 2016 for the competition judging. The address for shipping the competition samples is:

C. R. Goodman Companies
Attn: 2016 WBC
14402 East 33rd Place
Aurora, CO 80011
United States

Breweries shipping their entries from outside of the United States have the following shipping options:

Ship to the European Collection Point in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The World Beer Cup is pleased to announce a European collection point for breweries entered in the World Beer Cup. Participating breweries entered in the WBC may ship to Bier & Co. Wholesalers in Amsterdam. The Brewers Association will then air freight the consolidated shipment to Denver, Colorado. Shipping to the Netherlands instead of directly to the United States is expected to provide a savings on shipping costs. If your brewery is interested in using the European collection point, please email for complete details. The delivery window for receiving beers at Bier & Co. is February 17 – 21, 2014.

Breweries whose beer is currently sold in the United States or is regularly shipped here are encouraged to use your regular shipping network/distributor/importer.
Breweries may ship to the US via an international courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. Using these couriers may work for participating breweries, but be aware some breweries have experienced issues with shipments being held in customs during past competitions. Please note that if your brewery ships competition beers via one of these couriers and the package is detained in customs, it may require the help of a customs broker (such as Schenker) and result in additional charges to clear customs.

Ship via Schenker Transportation and Logistics. The World Beer Cup is once again teaming up with DB Schenker to help breweries from around the world handle the logistics and customs clearance of shipping their beers to the US for the competition. Contact the DB Schenker Denver directly and they will coordinate with your origin office to arrange export.

US Contact:
Cindy Shahamat, Import Manager, Denver, CO, USA
Phone: 720. 859.6243
Hendrik Bonse, Sales Manager, Denver, CO USA
Phone: 347-993-5005
Please include information regarding your:

Origin Location
Dimensions and weight of your freight
Ready date of freight for pick up

Compliance – Registering Your Brewery with the US FDA (International Only)

The US government and FDA require that all importations of beer, including samples, are subject to FDA prior notice. Each entrant outside the US must file prior notice with the FDA. Step one is to register your facility. Visit the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website to register your facility. Once your facility is registered and once you have contacted Schenker for transportation, the prior notice form must be filed. Please file prior notice with the FDA. Schenker Inc. can assist with this, if needed.

Important information for completing the FDA paper work:

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Number: 2203-00-0030
The FDA product code for beer is 32ACT04.
Phone: +1.303.447.0816

Required Documents When Shipping (International Only)

Breweries must include a Commercial Invoice when shipping beers to the competition from outside the United States. A Commercial Invoice includes:

  1. Description – indicate “samples for evaluation” next to description
  2. Declared value for Customs purposes (should be less than $200 US Dollars)
  3. Quantity of bottles
  4. Unit measure in liters
  5. FDA Registration Number
  6. Country of Origin Very Important for Entrants Outside the United States
  7. When completing your commercial invoice please list your FDA Facility Registration number on the invoice

US Brewery Shipping Information

Beers for the competition must arrive Denver, Colorado between Monday, March 7 and Friday, March 11, 2016.

Detailed shipping information will be delivered to participating breweries once the registration process is completed.Breweries located in the United States should ship the beers using a typical US based courier (i.e. FedEx,UPS, etc.) or work with local brewers guilds to consolidate entry shipments. All US breweries must include the government warning labels if they are not currently on your bottles.

The shipping address for sending all competition entries is:
C. R. Goodman Companies
Attn: 2016 WBC
14402 East 33rd Place
Aurora, CO 80011
United States

Packing Instructions & Beer Quantities

Labeling Your Beers

Brewing companies that normally bottle or can their products must send the beer in its commercially available container with the beer’s standard label.

All brewing companies must clearly label EVERY bottle or can of beer being sent with the following information:

  1. name of the brewing company
  2. name of the beer
  3. category (#) and subcategory (Letter) in which the beer will be judged. This information should match World Beer Cup categories.

Label Templates:

Here are two templates you can use to create your labels. These labels fit best on an Avery 5160 size label.

+ PDF Label Template – This is not editable on a computer. You may print these labels out and hand write the required information (listed above)
+ Word Document – You may type the information into this template and print these out.
All beers produced outside of the USA without USA federal label approval must attach a label with the following text:For sample purposes only. Not for resale.

Government Warning: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. (2) Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery and may cause health problems.

Download a PDF of these Government Warning labels here.

Place one label on every bottle (not on the bottom) without covering any portion of your beer’s label.

Packaging Your Beers

Package your beers in a way to withstand rough handling during transit. The World Beer Cup is not responsible for broken shipments.We will contact breweries if broken bottles are received, however time may not allow replacement bottles to be shipped. Determine the type of packaging that will ensure your beers maintain the best quality possible. Some breweries include cold packs in their shipments. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Place all bottles standing upright in the shipping container. All bottles should be placed in the same direction (lids up) wrapped in bubble wrap. Use your standard carrier to help keep bottles secure.
  2. Fill the shipping container to the top with packaging materials. Packing peanuts are NOT recommended. If used, make sure peanuts are enclosed in a plastic bag.
  3. Wrap the original box in a plastic bag to avoid possible leakage and then place the box in a strong shipping box filled with more packing material.
  4. If more than one box of entries is being shipped, be sure to keep the samples of each brand in the same box. Do not ship bottles of the same brand in separate boxes.
  5. Beers sent in coolers or other special containers will not be returned, however the beers that arrive in specialized containers will be judged and tend to withstand the rigors of shipping.
  6. Beer containers may not measure more than 12 inches (28.5 centimeters) high and may not have a width greater than 3.5 inches (9 centimeters).
  7. Please consider shipping extra bottles for our volunteer sorting crew that works hours in the cooler getting the competition beers sorted and inventoried for the competition.


Number of bottles/cans to be sent for the competition depends on the bottle/can size. Please use the following as a guideline:

Container Size Number of bottles/cans to ship for the competition
200 ml (7 oz) to 322 ml (10.9 oz) 16
323 ml (11 oz) – 588 ml (19.9 oz) 12
589 ml (20 oz) and higher 8

Brewery and Beer Eligibility

All World Beer Cup entries must be commercially available, fermented malt beverages, conforming to the trade understanding of “beer”, brewed by a permitted commercial brewery. “Commercially available” means available for sale at retail at the time of registration. Entering US breweries must have a current Brewers Notice on file with the TTB.

Breweries must meet each of the following conditions as of October 1, 2015:

  1. Your brewery is fully licensed for the manufacture and commercial sale of beer in your home country.
  2. Your brewery has a Brewers Notice on file with the TTB (Applies to US breweries only).
  3. Your brewery is fully open and operating with all required permits.
  4. Your brewery has at least one beer that is commercially available for sale at retail.

Breweries in planning, homebrewers and other breweries not meeting these criteria are not eligible to enter.

If a brewery does not meet these eligibility requirements as of November 1, 2015 and registers for the World Beer Cup competition, that brewery is subject to disqualification without further notice and no refund of fees will be issued.

Beer Eligibility: All beers entered in the 2016 World Beer Cup must be commercially available for sale at retail on or before March 2, 2015.

For information on the Champion Brewery categories of the World Beer Cup, please visit the Champion Brewery Awards page.


Application fee: $160
A non-refundable fee of $160 is due during the Brewery Application process (November 3 – November 18). This fee will cover your brewery’s first beer entry into the competition.

After the initial $160 application fee, the cost to participate is $160 per beer brand entered into the competition.

Registration Process

Step 1: Brewery Registration: November 3 – November 18, 2015*

Step 2: Beer Registration for Participating Breweries: December 1 – December 16, 2015

- Registered brewers will receive an email with instructions on how many beers they may enter*.
- Breweries will enter their beers online and select appropriate categories in which their beers will compete.For helpful information on registering your beers during the beer registration period (starting November 10, 2015), you may find translated forms on how to register beers here, translated in:

German - Click to Download

Japanese - Click to Download

Spanish - Click to Download

*In 2012, 799 breweries entered 3,921 beers in the competition. A maximum of 5,000 beers can be judged at the 2014 competition. This is 27% more beers than in 2012. The maximum number of beer entries per brewery will be determined by dividing 5,000 by the number of breweries that enter. In the unlikely event that 1,800 breweries enter the competition prior to the deadline, the brewery registration window will close prior to October 30. Again, this is very unlikely.


Important Deadlines

November 18, 2015  Brewery Application Deadline. Online application form will be available on or before November 3, 2015. Non-refundable application fee of $160 must be paid at time of brewery registration.

December 1 – 16, 2015  Beer Registration window for registered breweries.

January 15, 2016  Official confirmations of competition entries are emailed to all entered breweries for review.

January 29, 2016  Confirmations must be returned via email or facsimile to Event Manager Chris Williams, or fax +1.303.565.5710.

March 7 – 11, 2016  All competition entries must be received in Denver, Colorado.

May 2 – 4, 2016  Competition judging takes place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA prior to the Craft Brewers Conference.

May 6, 2016  World Beer Cup winners announced at the Gala Reception & Awards Ceremony in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.